Sliced Trenta Italian Cheese

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Trenta Cheese is a delicious and delicate cheese alternative that everyone will love, packed with natural goodness that supports the healthy lifestyle of the entire family!

It is indeed a cheese rich in unsaturated fats (the good fats) and is a concrete help in maintaining normal cholesterol levels.

Trenta is produced ONLY with natural ingredients and is therefore also suitable for vegetarians. Its main characteristics are:

- 100% natural ingredients

- Low cholesterol content

- Naturally lactose-free

- No artificial additives

- High in protein

As an alternative to cheese, you can successfully use it for a delicious snack rich in calcium and protein, or as an ingredient for your healthy and tasty recipes.


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- Cow's Milk (78.5%)
- Corn Vegetable Oil (19.5%)
- Lactic Ferments & Salt
- Microbial Rennet

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