La Cigolina's Provolone Dolce - Artisanal Italian Cheese


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Cigolina's Provolone Dolce is a stretched-curd cheese produced in Italy, with a soft and slightly elastic texture of white or straw yellow color. La Cigolina is committed to the genetic selection of animals in order to guarantee the content of A2A2 beta-casein in the milk used for the production of this cheese.

La Cigolina's Provolone Dolce is produced in an artisanal way following Italian traditions, using only high-quality fresh milk from local farms. The result is a delicately flavored and slightly sweet cheese, that is suitable for many culinary preparations such as salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.

A genuine and healthy cheese, produced with attention to the quality of the ingredients used.


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- B-Casein A2A2 Milk
- Salt
- Rennet.

Non-edible rind. Surface treated with preservatives E202-E2.

B-Casein A2A2 Protein

Since 2003, following numerous studies concerning the benefit to human health of consuming milk with B-Casein A2A2, there has been a growing interest in this topic in some Oceanic countries, England, and the USA, leading to the marketing of milk containing only B-Casein A2A2.

Protein Variants in Milk

For B-Casein, we know of 13 variants, but only two, A1 and A2, are prevalent in breeds mostly raised for milk production. Originally, milk mainly contained B-Casein A2A2, but with the advent of new genetics, starting from the 1950s, the A2A2 component has gradually decreased, replaced by the A1A1 variant to the point of becoming the prevalent component of the caseins present in the milk of the Friesian breed.

Effects for Human Health

This small difference can have consequences once the milk is ingested by humans. During digestion, with the A2 variant, the formation of a protein fragment known as beta-casomorphin 7 is avoided. Casomorphin can create numerous health problems as, in medical literature, it is considered capable of inducing type I juvenile diabetes, predisposing towards cardiovascular diseases, being one of the causes of milk and dairy intolerance, as well as gastrointestinal disorders, generating skin manifestations such as atopy and possibly also being a factor favoring atherosclerosis.
La Cigolina supplies this particular B-Casein A2A2 Milk to the Pizzighettone Dairy to produce unique health cheeses.

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Salads, appetizers, sandwiches, and pasta dishes

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