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The Carloforte company has managed tuna fisheries off the coast of San Pietro Island (Carloforte) for centuries, transforming the fishing yields into canned products. The ancestor, Pasquale Pastorino (great-grandfather of the family group that still owns the company), established the first factory for producing canned tuna in olive oil at La Punta in Carloforte (previously, tuna was preserved in salt or dried). The facility became operational in 1880 and, continuously modernized, has survived to this day.

A unique feature from ancient times was the adoption of rectangular metal boxes (small trunks) in various sizes. The factory still retains the now obsolete equipment that was once used to manufacture this specific type of packaging by hand.

This company is the only one managing a complete supply chain, from tuna fishing to processing it into canned goods in olive oil and commercialization.

Carloforte-branded tuna is a unique product that over the years has faced imitation attempts by third parties who, not managing fisheries themselves, often pass off tuna from other sources as being of Sardinian origin. However, it cannot be so, because it is made from raw materials from other sources.

The Carloforte Tuna Fishery

A "tonnara" refers to the specific set of intricately designed nets used for tuna fishing. In Italy, this term is also extended to denote the place where these nets are employed in practice. After completing the preparations, which occupy the entire month of April, in May the nets are lowered and arranged in the appropriate stretch of water. When there is a sufficient number of tuna inside the net chambers, the "mattanza" takes place, which is the final phase where the tuna are caught. The period for the mattanza is in June, and an international event dedicated to tuna, the Girotonno, is also held in June.

The "Girotonno"

Girotonno is an international event organized by the municipality of Carloforte. It brings together quality tuna enthusiasts, journalists, and Mediterranean cuisine experts. International chefs compete in a culinary challenge focused on tuna. The event features days of unique cultural, artistic, and gastronomic traditions, with music, performances, conferences, and debates. The event takes place during the same period as the fishing of the prized bluefin tuna at the Carloforte fishery.


Carloforte Tuna comes with a BCD certificate, which acts as a "tuna identity card," ensuring its authenticity. Additionally, Carloforte Tuna is ECOCREST-certified, guaranteeing an eco-friendly fishing system and a controlled supply chain.

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