Figs Mostarda of Cremona

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Figs Mostarda is a "sauce" made according to an antique and traditional Cremonese recipe.

The preparation of this type of Mostarda uses figs that are candied and immersed in a sugar syrup aromatized with essential mustard oil. Figs are very sweet and they matches perfectly with the intense aroma of the mustard oil.

The results is a tasty and irresistible sauce, perfect to accompany cheese in particular the Provolone Giovane Auricchio.




- Fig (57%)

- Glucose/Fructose Syrup

- Sugar

- Citric Acid

- Preservative: Sulfur Dioxide

- Made exclusively with mustard essential oil


Data sheet

380 gr
Peso Sgocciolato
220 gr.
Frutta in proporzione
57 %

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