Pannerone from Lodi


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Pannerone is a typical Lodi cheese that is characterized by the total absence of salt and by the use of only whole cow's milk in its production.

Its taste is sweet and lovable at first taste, but hides an almost bitter aftertaste, similar to the flavor of almond.
This is a rare and niche cheese perfect for refined combinations, such as jam and honey, which balance its important aftertaste.

Particularly daring is the combination with our Cremonese mustards.


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The Pannerone has a cylindrical shape with flat faces; on the outside it has a yellowish rind, sometimes thin and crumbly pink.
Internally the paste is straw white and provided with alveoli.

Pannerone is a cheese recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies as a P.A.T. (Traditional Italian food product)


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It keeps for about 60 days

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