Pannerone from Lodi


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Pannerone is a typical Lodi cheese that is characterized by the total absence of salt and by the use of only whole cow's milk in its production.

Its taste is sweet and lovable at first taste, but hides an almost bitter aftertaste, similar to the flavor of almond.
This is a rare and niche cheese perfect for refined combinations, such as jam and honey, which balance its important aftertaste.

Particularly daring is the combination with our Cremonese mustards.


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The production of Pannerone Lodigiano requires simple yet high-quality ingredients.


Raw cow's milk
Lactic ferments

A distinguishing feature of Pannerone is that no salt is added during its production. This absence of salting gives Pannerone its unique, delicate flavor.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Pannerone di Lodi is a cheese known for its distinct organoleptic characteristics, the result of a unique production process. Its characteristics include:

Appearance: Pannerone has a cylindrical shape with flat faces. The cheese has a thin, smooth and rubbery rind, colored white or slightly straw yellow. Its weight can vary between 3 and 5 kg.

Texture: The paste of Pannerone is white, soft, and slightly creamy, especially when the cheese is young. With maturation, it can become more solid and grainy. It does not have holes or has very sparse ones.

Taste: Pannerone has a unique taste due to the absence of salting in the production process. The taste is delicate, slightly sweet, with a sour note. Despite its sweetness, the cheese also has a slightly bitter taste, particularly noticeable when the cheese is more mature.

Aroma: Pannerone has a characteristic aroma, slightly sour and with a slightly bitter aftertaste due to the absence of salt.

How to enjoy it:

Pannerone di Lodi can be enjoyed in different ways, depending on personal preferences and local traditions.

At the table: Typically, Pannerone is served at the end of a meal as a dessert cheese. Since it has a delicate and slightly sweet taste, it pairs well with honey and our fruit mustards, which counteract its sour note. It can also be paired with fresh fruit, such as pears or grapes, for a contrast of flavors and textures.

In the kitchen: Although Pannerone is traditionally a table cheese, it can also be used in the kitchen. It can be used in various recipes, such as in preparations of risottos or pastas, where its delicate taste and creamy texture can enrich the dish.

Pairings: As for wine pairings, Pannerone can be served with aromatic white wines or young and light red wines. The choice of wine will depend on the level of maturation of the cheese: a young Pannerone pairs well with a light and fresh white wine, while a more mature Pannerone can be paired with a more structured red wine.

How to store it:

To best preserve Pannerone di Lodi, follow these simple steps:
- Store the cheese in the refrigerator, at a temperature between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius.
- Wrap the cheese in cheese paper or food wrap. You can store it in a cheese container or in the cheese drawer of the refrigerator.
- Consume the cheese within a few days of opening. Before serving, leave the cheese out of the refrigerator for at least an hour to allow it to reach room temperature.


Data sheet

Production area
Storage after opening
It keeps for about 60 days

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