Morgan's Giardiniera


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The Morgan's Giardiniera is a set of selected sweet and sour vegetables that is crunchy, mild and fresh.
It can be used as a simple side dish, paired with our Salame of Cremona and enjoyed all year round.

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- Carrots

- Red peppers

- Yellow peppers

- Cauliflowers

- Fennel

- White wine vinegar

- Water

- Sugar

- Cervia salt

Morgan’s Giardiniera…

- Has no added sulphur dioxide, citric acid or anti-oxidant.
- Is seasonal, the aromatic qualities and colours may vary between batches depending on the natural product available at that time.
- Is ideal served with traditional cured meats, boiled meats, chicken salads or meat, grilled mackerel, sardines and anchovies or fish like baked turbot or salmon.
- Is delicious with aged hard cheeses… or simply excellent on its own!


Data sheet

1100 gr.
Peso Sgocciolato
570 gr.

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