Giovanni's Giardiniera


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The singular selection of vegetables in this recipe varies with the seasons. They are accompanied by the sweetness of fruit. After sweet and sour marinading, they are preserved in mixed oil.

Superb with cured meats and boiled or baked fish. It goes well with bloomy rind cheeses and medium cheeses.





- Carrots

- Red peppers

- Yellow peppers

- Cauliflowers

- Fennel

- Pears

- Apples

- Celeriac

- Jerusalem artichokes

- Gherkins

- Green asparagus

- Shallots

- White wine vinegar

- Water

- Sugar

- Cervia salt

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Organic sunflower oil


Data sheet

580 gr.
Peso Sgocciolato
420 gr.

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