Bettella Tranquillo® 16-Month Aged Raw Ham


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A ritual, an almost ancestral process, that of the Raw Ham Shavings, the best of the thigh and the entire animal. Only the finest Tranquillo® Pigs, who live up to 22-24 months and exceed 300 kg, are indeed, the chosen ones.

The size, as the name suggests, gives an extra-sized shaving, obtained after the first cut, the culatello. Not just a simple ham, then, but a choice array of flavors and fragrances, with a compact, homogeneous but delicate consistency, that knows how to carefully choose its companions for the long 12 months of rest that await it.


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Product composition per 100 grams:

- Energy Value Kj/Kcal: 1127-269
- Fats: 18.30 g
- Carbohydrates: 0.30 g
- Proteins: 25.90 g
- Water: 50.30 g

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about 2 Kg

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