Bettella Tranquillo® 16-Month Aged Raw Ham


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A ritual, an almost ancestral process, that of the Raw Ham Shavings, the best of the thigh and the entire animal. Only the finest Tranquillo® Pigs, who live up to 22-24 months and exceed 300 kg, are indeed, the chosen ones.

The size, as the name suggests, gives an extra-sized shaving, obtained after the first cut, the culatello. Not just a simple ham, then, but a choice array of flavors and fragrances, with a compact, homogeneous but delicate consistency, that knows how to carefully choose its companions for the long 12 months of rest that await it.


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- Pork meat
- Sea salt

Nutritional Values per 100 gr.

- Energy value Kj/Kcal: 1127-269
- Fats: 18.30 g
- Carbohydrates: 0.30 g
- Proteins: 25.90 g
- Water 50.30 g

What is Tranquillo® Pork?

The "Tranquillo® Pork" is a concept that was born in the 1960s and refers to a particular type of pig farming that focuses on animal welfare, natural growth and quality feed. This approach contrasts with that of intensive farming, avoiding stress, poor living conditions and accelerated growth for the animal.

Tranquillo® pigs grow freely, outdoors, breathing clean air and are not subjected to any force that would allow "performing" growth in reduced times. On the contrary, its natural rhythm of development is respected: it takes two years for the meat to harden and the right layer of fat to develop. The goal is to reach 300 kg of weight with patience and attention, through the use of adequate spaces and careful genetic selection.

Feeding plays a key role in this process. The diet is mainly based on corn produced and dried directly by the company that raises the pigs. This allows for direct control over the quality of the food provided to the animals and contributes to enhancing the produced fat, which becomes a distinctive sign of the meat.

How to enjoy it:

Bettella Raw Ham is a high-quality product.

Here are some suggestions on how to enhance it:

Alone: To best appreciate its rich flavor and texture, Bettella Raw Ham can be enjoyed alone. Just slice it thinly and serve it at room temperature.

Appetizer: Bettella Raw Ham can be used as the main ingredient of an appetizer. You can serve it with fresh or aged cheeses, olives, crispy bread, and a good red or white wine.

Pizza and Piadina: Bettella Raw Ham can be added to a pizza after cooking to give a touch of flavor and luxury. Or it can be put in a piadina with other ingredients such as arugula and squacquerone cheese.

Remember, the key to enjoying Bettella Raw Ham to the fullest is to slice it thinly. This is because thin slicing allows you to better savor its sweetness and delicate consistency.

How to store:

Bettella Raw Ham should be stored in the refrigerator, at a temperature between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. To maintain the freshness and quality of the product, it is recommended to keep the packaging well closed or wrap the product in plastic wrap or food paper.

Before serving, it is advisable to leave the product at room temperature for a while, in order to allow the flavors to express themselves at their best.

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