Provolone Auricchio "Don Gennaro" 20 Months aged


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Provolone Auricchio + 20months is part of a very small production and reserve of the Dairy.
Its long maturation makes it very tasty and with a delicate spicy hint, suitable as an appetizer combined with our Cremonese mustard which enhances its flavor.

It is recommended as an appetizer, grated over pasta or shaved over fresh carpaccio. It is considered one of the most famous and appreciated of local Italian cheeses.

Product sold in 1 kg slices cut from a 30 kg wheel.


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- Milk: 97,98%

- Salt: 2%

- Rennet: 0,02%

- Food Preservatives: E 203, E 235 (on surface)


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Product sold in 1 kg slices cut from a 30 kg wheel
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