Cacio del Po'


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Cacio del Po' is a cheese from Piacenza, aged from 60 to 120 days and portioned in pieces of 1 kg or more.
It is produced with raw whole cow's milk and its taste is very lactate, sweet with only a slightly bitter aftertaste.

This cheese was designed by the producers to give a quality alternative to Grana Padano.

The result is a tasty semi-cooked cheese, softer than Grana Padano, but not as tender as a caciotta.

He is defined as a "soft champion", an ally of many Piacenza chefs who use it to prepare tasty delicacies.


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Cacio del Po' has a cylindrical shape with flat or slightly convex faces. Externally it has a surface with a smooth straw yellow rind.

The dough has a compact appearance, the consistency is soft and elastic, the color is ivory white and has medium uneven holes.


Data sheet

From 60 to 120 days
Production area
Monticelli d’Ongina (Piacenza)
Storage after opening
Store with the original paper in the least cold compartment of the refrigerator.

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