Classic Mostarda Cremonese with 7 fruits - 780 gr.

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The classic Cremonese mostarda with 7 fruits is handcrafted in our shop following the ancient and original recipe of the Cremona mustard.

Its main feature is the candying of the fruit with its syrup that reflects the traditional procedure and the ideal times to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and the genuineness of the fruit.

The main ingredient of our recipe is the essential mustard oil which gives the mustard a unique and unmistakable spiciness.

Specifically, this mustard contains 7 fruits and is available in the 780 gr format.


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- 7 fruits: pear, fig, cherry, apricot, orange, clementine.
- Glucose/fructose syrup
- Sugar
- Citric Acid
- Preservative: Sulfur Dioxide
- Coloring: E127

Made exclusively with mustard essential oil

What characteristics make Cremonese mostarda unique compared to other Italian variants?

Fruits: In Cremonese mostarda, fruit is typically presented in large pieces or whole. This characteristic sets it apart, for example, from the Venetian mostarda, which has smaller fruit pieces.

Syrup consistency: Cremonese mostarda has an especially thick syrup that envelopes the fruit pieces, giving the product an almost gelatinous consistency.

Spiciness: Even though all mostardas have some spiciness due to the mustard essence, the amount and intensity can vary from one version to another. Cremonese mostarda tends to have a rather harmonious balance between sweetness and spiciness.

Reputation and history: Cremonese mostarda is particularly renowned and has a long-standing history in the Lombardy region. Its tradition and reputation often make it the choice for those in search of high-quality mostarda.

Cremona Mostarda Festival:

The Cremona Mostarda Festival celebrates the famed Cremonese mostarda, a gastronomic gem of the city, every October. This event brings together local producers and enthusiasts, offering tastings, workshops, and a deep dive into the culinary tradition of this sweet and spicy delight. A must-visit for aficionados of Italian gastronomy.


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