Classic Italian Salami Typical of Cremona - no Garlic


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Classic and Traditional Salami of Cremona with a medium and uniform grinding between fat and lean.
Its main qualities are consistency and softness.

Italian Salami of Bonemerse is produced with selected meats according to the original Cremonese recipe.

Hand-bound by skilled hands, Bonemerse is a salami with a soft and flavored consistency. Garlic is not used in this version.

Bonemerse Salami is the most appreciated and sold salami in our shop.


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The origin of the Bonemerse salami dates back to Roman times from the presence of pig breeding in the Po Valley.


- selected pork meat
- salt
- dextrose
- sucrose
- natural flavors
- spices
- antioxidant: E300
- preservative: E252 - E250

Inedible casing


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from 5 weeks to 5 months aged

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Salame riserva

Una bontà il vero salame cremonese

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